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Specific cleaning services

Benefit from our expertise for maintenance missions requiring technical skills and professional quality equipment. With over 15 years of experience, Tout Clean Services certified ISO 9001-2015 and affiliated to the UGBN, guarantees you:

Find out more about our special services

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, Tout Clean Services is ready to listen to your specific requests adapted to each situation.

Cleaning before / after construction

Are you carrying out renovation or construction works? Once the work is completed, a thorough cleaning of the renovated areas is recommended in order to restore the premises to their original condition. Our post-construction cleaning services include

  • de-cluttering and disposal of bulky items
  • dusting of all surfaces
  • cleaning of floors, walls, and ceilings
  • window cleaning
  • removal of paint stains and other residues.

Cleaning before / after moving

Are you moving to a new house soon and want to do everything possible to recover your full rental deposit? Do you want to enjoy a clean new home as soon as possible? Before or after your move, Tout Clean Services can save your time by ensuring the cleaning and the refurbishing of your old and/or new home; villa, apartment, flat, loft, duplex...

Cleaning before / after events

Do you organize a private or professional event in a prestigious event space, a public place or at home? Tout Clean Services participates in the logistics of your event, in the restoration of the place by a cleaning adapted to the circumstances. Confidentiality and discretion assured. This cleaning service can be done before / after the event.

Cleaning after disasters

After a water damage, a fire or any disaster, Tout Clean Services adapts the restoration of the premises in compliance with insurance requirements, or the specifications, by a specific cleaning adapted to the circumstances. This service of cleaning after disasters can be managed in emergency.

Window cleaning

Whatever the building concerned (shopping centre, apartment building, offices, etc.), the surface area or the height of your windows, Tout Clean Services’ window cleaners have the necessary qualifications and equipment (aerial platforms, PPE, environmentally friendly products, etc.) to guarantee clean and tidy window surfaces all year round. Depending on your needs, we take care of their maintenance on a regular or occasional basis.

Floor maintenance

Wear and tear on your floor? Cracks in your tiles ? Stains on your carpet? Tout Clean Services treats, restores and cleans all types of floor coverings: parquet, tiles, linoleum, stone, marble, carpets, etc. The products and cleaning techniques used (crystallization, stripping, shampooing, anti-foam treatment, etc.) are adapted to each surface in order to preserve its properties.

Industrial cleaning

Thanks to our expertise in industrial cleaning, we can offer you customised services, whatever the sector of activity (production plant, transport company, pharmaceutical industry, etc.) or the type of premises concerned (workshop, warehouse, production area, etc.). Our cleaning staff have state-of-the-art equipment and work according to a strict protocol in complete safety. They ensure the cleanliness of your production or storage site, cleaning of your machines, or degreasing and disinfection of your work surfaces.

Learn more about our certifications

Tout Clean Services is officially recognised for the quality of its services and the safety of its work procedures through the following certifications: 

  • Iso 9001-2015 which certifies our quality management system.
  • UGBN member which guarantees security and respect of the legislation concerning our activity.

In addition, Tout Clean Services is about to be ISO 14001-2015 certified, which officially recognizes our environmental management system.

Professional equipment

In order to carry out our specific cleaning assignments, we equip our qualified staff with professional equipment from the best suppliers on the market:

  • Silent and wet vacuum cleaners
  • Press mop cart
  • Microfibre cloths and towels, nitrile gloves
  • High pressure machine
  • Compliant PPE: goggles, face shield, safety shoes and helmet if required
  • And others

Ecological and probiotic products

Our “powerful for you, gentle for nature” products are carefully selected from the European Ecolabel range in order to work in an eco-citizen approach. We also work with ecological and probiotic cleaners which are healthy and effective. Thanks to the action of beneficial bacteria, they create a natural protective microflora on the cleaned surfaces. Cleanliness of your environment guaranteed..

Your tailor-made maintenance package

To ensure that your activities run smoothly, Tout Clean Services offers a customized maintenance formula that:

  • adapts to your schedule by offering flexible cleaning formulas: one-off, weekly, day or night, etc. 
  • carries out all types of specific cleaning according to your needs: industrial and end-of-construction cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, etc.
  •  listens to the evolution of your request.

Your free quote

Would you like to benefit from of our cleaning company’s services active throughout Belgium? We invite you to fill in our contact form indicating your needs (one-off mission, maintenance contract, industrial site to be cleaned, etc.). Free estimate with no obligation on request.

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